nTelecom Joins the HeroTel Group

It is our privilege to announce that nTelecom has joined South Africa’s newest and soon to be largest supplier of wireless internet services, the HeroTel Group. HeroTel consists of an alliance of South Africa’s most reliable and leading Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). The vision of the group is to build a national network which excels in delivering high speed, reliable internet and data services to you.

What changes can you expect?

Within the Free State and parts of the Northern Cape, we are joining expertise with other companies in the HeroTel Group to expand and improve service offerings by consolidating our strengths to improve your experience with us. This will mean access to exciting new products and services, among which include but not limited to, improved network speed and uptime, faster turnaround times in service delivery, fibre to the home/business, as well as LTE-A solutions.

Our industry proven customer support centre will continue to operate from the nTelecom offices in Bloemfontein and the nTelecom management and staff remain intact. New additions to our administrative and support centre will include the industry leading DataTill digital workflow platform, developed in-house by HeroTel, to ensure increased client satisfaction and speed in which queries are resolved, both from a desktop support role as well as our technical teams in the field.

DataTill also provides an alternative medium for you to communicate with us via an online portal which delivers real-time updates regarding your logged support tickets, purchased data top-ups, account balances and much more.

For the foreseeable future, nTelecom will continue to operate under the brand you have trusted in providing internet services.

Our promise to you

With the joint support provided by HeroTel, we have no doubt that we will be able to continue to strive for excellence and going above and beyond your expectations with our services.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to bringing the internet to you, faster and more reliably.

For more info visit the HeroTel website at www.herotel.com

Alan Knott-Craig, Junior