What is VoIP?
VoIP is the voice over internet protocol enabling your broadband (fixed line) or wireless services to be utilized for carrying voice communication.

There are many VoIP configuration alternatives. We rely on simplicity. Simplicity with the least hassle means using a VoIP phone connecting either through your existing
internet provider or connect to Ntelecom for internet VoIP communication flows.

VoIP Add-on System

Cadem is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based service that is a simple add-on to all existing telephone systems using either analogue port, Isdn basic Rate ports
or Isdn Primary rate ports

Ntelecom IP-PBX

Built from the ground up specifically for small, medium and large-size businesses, Ntelecom delivers the communication capabilities to small business companies that big
businesses are used to. This Ntelecom IP-PBX phone system helps growing enterprises to differentiate themselves from competitors through enhanced employee productivity,
lower costs, and improved customer service.

Enterprises of all sizes depend on Ntelecom for communications that improve efficiency, customer service, and competitiveness.
No company, big or small, can afford communication outages in todays competitive market.

Proactive, preventative monitoring of system performance and the ability to quickly find and fix problems are essential for keeping communications running. Ntelecom
offers every level of support for communications solutions. With Ntelecom support, your communications can be monitored up to 24×7 for system-generated alarms. Remote
diagnostics and resolutions help Ntelecom repair problems quickly, saving time and reducing the risk of an outage. Faults are sometimes repaired before the client is even aware of a problem.

In our ongoing commitment to offer better, deeper support, we continue to invest in proven web-based tools, flexible services, and remote monitoring capabilities. We
offer maintenance services and updates to keep your systems operating optimally on a day to day basis. Even our basic, small business solutions offer optimum features expected in larger systems. Features include:

Unlimited Extensions
Remote Extensions
Voicemail to Email
IVR Menu System
Ring Groups
Call Queues
Conference Rooms
Time-Based Routing
Music On Hold
Paging and Intercom
Admin Status Screen
Phone Provisioning Tool
Network Settings Tool
Enhanced CDR Reports
Ntelecom IP-PBX Telephone Management System

Ntelecom telephone call management Software provides a complete solution to ensure control over your Telephone Overheads.

Limit users on a monthly budget
Call Reports
Pin code Reports
Centralized Management system to Budget large businesses and remote offices etc.



  • Up to 5 mbps speeds
  • Perfect for browsing


  • Up to 6 mbps speeds
  • Great for streaming


  • Up to 8 mbps speeds
  • Perfect for HD streaming


  • Up to 10 mbps speeds
  • For fast downloads

Max Speed Capped


  • No speed limit!
  • Unshaped!


  • No speed limit!
  • Unshaped!


  • No speed limit!
  • Unshaped!


  • No speed limit!
  • Unshaped!

*Prices and offerings subject to change without notice

Max Speed Capped?

Well, none of our capped wireless packages are hard throttled while you are within your data limit!
That means depending on factors like the load on the network, your wireless signal, connectivity on your premises, speeds of up to 40Mbps and more is a sure possibility!

What if my data limit is reached?

Your connection will then be throttled to a max speed of 1Mbps. You can however at any time order a reset of your line speed to initial speeds. This will reset your data use to 0Mb, and remove the speed limitation. The once of fee for a reset will be R220-00. But remember, at the end of each month all data gets reset to original values at no extra cost.

What is the difference between this service and a Service Level Agreement Service?

The packages on this page are what the industry calls “Best Effort” services. This means that to keep the cost as low as possible, bandwidth is shared between multiple users. This is exactly the same principle that DSL /3G and 4G works on. The advantages of the service are low cost, while still experiencing a fast reliable service. These services are ideal for the home user, small medium enterprise, online gaming and student/scholars.

Current contingency ratios run at 1:18, while it will never go higher than 1:50.

Installation Costs

R2500 (in Bloemfontein)
Includes all equipment as well as an Access Point and installation

Our friendly sales team will be able to assist you in the percentage of subsidy your install will qualify for.

I already have wireless equipment, can I use it?

It all depends on your location and the type of equipment. Ntelecom stays on top of any new developments in the non-licensed microwave field. Depending on the age of your equipment, and if you are within range of a compatible transmitter, we will gladly use any of your existing equipment.

Capped Packages limit Resets

Should you run out of data you, you will be in “limp” mode and will still be able to access the internet but at a reduced rate. You can reset your account when in “limp” mode at any time. We have 3 different methods for clients to request a reset:

  • Via our Secure Online Client PortalSimply click on the Portal link in the navigation, Login or Register (if you have not registered before) and follow the link to your account, if you are in “limp” mode the reset button will be displayed. Kindly click this button only once. The account will reset within 15 minutes.
  • SMSSend an SMS from your cell phone to 43366 (standard SMS rates apply). This message must read as follow:

    NTL reset followed by your username

    To request how much data you have used simply send the following from your cell phone:

    NTL usage followed by your username

We currently bill your usage reset at R 220.00 per reset irrespective of the package you are on.
The above rates and fees include 14% VAT

Call Centre

You can contact our Call Centre at any time during office hours to reset your account. Simply phone us on 051 412 6300, a friendly operator is there to assist you.

Fair Use Policy

The following information will assist you in managing your uncapped experience and ensuring that you make the most out of your Ntelecom Internet. In terms of the Ntelecom FUP, Ntelecom reserves the right to apply restrictions on an uncapped account if a customer ‘s behaviour is deemed to be affecting the user experience of other customers on the network. Examples of customer behaviour which may compromise our network performance include, amongst other, causing congestion, running excessive concurrent internet sessions or accessing excessive bandwidth intensive protocols such as peer-to-peer. Restrictions which may be applied by Ntelecom in terms of the Ntelecom Internet FUP include, but are not limited to, throttling a customer’s throughput speeds and/or shaping a customer’s bandwidth to limit the use of bandwidth-intensive protocols and applications.

A SLA (Or Service Level Agreement) connection have the following advantages :

SLA Advantages

  • Speed and latency are guaranteed according to the particular agreement.
  • Symmetrical up and download speeds
  • Completely unshaped
  • Static V4 IP with all ports open
  • No usage limit
  • No FUP
  • Monitored 24 / 7
  • Includes Managed Router / Firewall
  • 1:1 Contingency
  • Microwave or Fiber options available

Custom SLA Solutions are possible, contact one of our friendly sales associates to assist in a tailor made package.