Unlimited Calls, Any Network, Any Time - Only from Ntelecom

Ntelecom offers I wide variety of voice services, which include but are not limited to unlimited calling to any network in South Africa. This option is aimed at businesses who would like to have a fixed monthly expenditure on their phone bill , no matter how many phone calls are made.

Different line options are available, starting from R 1 080 p/m, per line, up to R 7 500 p/m for 10 unlimited calling lines, PLUS 10 incoming only lines. Incoming only or per second lines are available at R 85 -00 per month, per line. The following is a list of build in features of the system :

  • Call Recording
  • Itemized pin code management
  • Transfer to Cell phones
  • Call Back – A handy feature where you can specify certain cell numbers to be automatically called back once they phone in. By making use of this feature you can have significant savings on your Cell phone bill
  • Call parking
  • Conference Call
  • Call pickup
  • Cordless/Desktop Phones with seamless handover

Just to name a few.



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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can port your number from your current line provider to NTelecom
Although we can not guarantee a buy out of your existing services, more than 70 % of the times we will be able to relieve you of those obligations.
Only Ntelecom is responsible for maintenance.
Depending on our current installation list, the entire process are normally complete within 14 days. This depends on time your current service provider takes in releasing your current phone numbers to us.
We have 24 hours remote access to all systems serviced by us. This means that normal tasks like changing of ring patterns, recording settings etc., can be done in minutes without having to visit your site. However in a worst case scenario like lighting damage or similar, we keep on site replacement systems in stock, and we will have you up and running on the latest within a few hours.